I am a painter working in Skowhegan, ME.  I received a BA in Art from the University of Maine at Augusta in 2011 with a concentration in drawing.  


Each painting is a one of a kind original (no prints) of my own design and execution.  My subject matter ranges from museum scenes and architecture to florals, marine themes, roadscapes and still lifes.  I work from photographs as well as direct observation, whether it be in the field (plein air) or in the studio.  


I am interested in representational painting where composition, color, value, and texture play large roles, but my focus continues to fall on finding abstract yet implicit shapes and trying to find ways to describe my subjects through expressive gesture and varied mark making.  


Some would argue that a painting, just by being a painting, is automatically abstracted to a small degree, no matter how hyper realistic it is. My work falls on the abstraction scale somewhere, sure, but where doesn't matter to me. Tasteful expression matters to me. Strong composition and accurate drawing matters to me. Mixing color with integrity matters to me. Fussy, overworked, lifeless paintings bore me something dreadful. You can be anything but boring. They say that no paintings is ever finished, just abandoned.  The trick is to know when to walk away.  

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